My Conan O'Brien Story:

When I was about 5 I suffered from a nerve condition that kept me late up at night, not being able to fall asleep. When my parents went to bed, I used to sneak down stairs and watch TV. My dad usually fell asleep on the couch so I would crawl next to the couch out of view and just watch TV until late at night. One night he had left NBC on and the Late Night with Conan O’Brien came on…and that’s when it all began. I fell in love with the show immediately. I loved Conan and thought he was the funniest person I have ever seen (which still remains true today:). After that night I would sneak down at 12:35 and watch almost every show. I had a technique to steal the clicker, to refrain from laughing out loud and learned to walk silently. I was caught very little:) I literally fell in love with him, in fact my grandpa as a joke said I had to marry an Irish man so I thought for a very long time I would marry him!:p Then being able to record his show on a DVR saved my health! To this day I love him and he has changed my life in so many ways. I have seen almost every interview with him ranging from Charlie Rose to his interview with Google (I’ve literally seen them all). I have seen all his commencement speeches and the Harvard speech is by far the funniest speech I’ve ever seen or heard. He has inspired me in so many ways. He was truly changed my life and taught me the meaning of hard work by his commitment to do what he loves no matter what. My nerve condition, which is sustainable now, causes stress and constant worrying in my life. My failures scar me and it is a weakness I’ve had a hard time fighting my whole life. The Tonight Show debacle has taught me to not to dwell on my failures but to use them as a tool to succeed; that is the biggest impact on me. I went through an extremely similar situation; lost something I’ve worked my whole life for, made so many sacrifices for and loved, all because of politics. I am very hard on myself, and it is not healthy or effective to me. I learned to “work hard, be kind” and just move forward. Without Conan I don’t know what I would be right now. I to this day record every show and watch all of his appearances. The year of 2011, was a year I can never get back, or ever forget. I’ve had a hard time growing up between sports, school and family, but I always had someone I could turn to for inspiration or a good laugh when I’m down. I really had a hard childhood, because nothing seemed to go my way, ever. It is one thing when things don’t always go your way, but it is another when you work your ass off and stress over things so much and still seem to fail. I had talent and I had success but my failures, not always being in playing sports or grades in school, but my mental state and inability to stay focused. What I went through is extremely hard to explain, but it was hard and unenjoyable. I thought what I won in life made me who I was, and Conan taught me that was not true. This year was the downfall of everything I’ve worked hard for but after a terrible year…everything turned around because I finally after 14 years…I saw him in person. I went to his NYC Show on October 31, 2011. I won these tickets in a lottery that was a once in a lifetime type of thing. I got to even take a picture with him, and to be honest I went into shock for hours hahaha:) He was so nice in person, just like on TV. My only regret was I couldn’t tell him what he has done to me, or he was the reason I was meeting him. It is my dream one day to let him know he is the reason for all my successes I have had due to his inspirations. I had achieved so much with his ideals that I am not even the same person, I get good grades, playing lacrosse as a very good college and am a better friend, sister and daughter. That summer before I wrote him a letter about how he has changed my life and six months later I got a signed picture and note from him (seen in my blog)…shock yet again. I’m writing my college essay about this because he means so much to me. I love comedy and I love his passion for what he does. I now even find myself taking comedy seriously as well (who knows that could be a path for me too:). What he talks about in his Harvard speech about never giving up on what he wanted to do has fueled me to move forward for my passion, something I probably couldn’t do without him. I thought before my future major would be impossible for me, but I stuck with it and tried everything and it worked like his did:) Thank you Conan for changing my life and being there to make me happy when no one else was:)


Dan has the hardest job because Harry on the page is the most difficult, the most nebulous. He’s just perfect, I think.

Rupert is just a genius. I don’t think anyone ever needed to tell him how to play Ron. He’s just known. Comedically he’s just spot on. You couldn’t teach that.

一 JK Rowling

olympic gymnast: jumps 20 feet in the air, defies all laws of physics, does 10 backflips, comes back down and lands perfectly on the balance beam while fireworks go off in the background

me: falls on face trying to put socks on